Columbus Zoo euthanizes 4-year-old Tasmanian devil

[ad_1] Mustard’s care team said he had a wonderful, fun and feisty personality and was known as the “foodie” in his group. COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium on Tuesday announced the death of a 4-year-old Tasmanian devil named “Mustard.” Mustard was euthanized on Sept. 4 after his keepers learned he was severely … Read more

Why aren’t there three-legged animals?

[ad_1] MISSOULA – In science, the first question you always ask is “why?” A close second is likely ‘why not?’ For example, why aren’t there three-legged animals? You may have seen a three-legged dog or deer due to an injury, but a three-legged species does not exist today. And an animal with three legs may … Read more

John Fetterman Calls Mehmet Oz a Puppy Killer After Bombshell Report

[ad_1] John Fetterman labeled Mehmet Oz a “puppy killer” following a bombshell news article by Jezebel. The outlet reported on Oz-supervised experiments that resulted in the death of 329 dogs. Fetterman dragged Oz on Twitter, asking for “help to keep the #PuppyKiller out of the US Senate.” Loading Something is loading. Pennsylvania Democratic Senate candidate … Read more

Staples High hosted The Doors, Animals

[ad_1] Staples High School’s move in 1958 from Riverside Avenue to North Avenue did more than shift over 1,000 students from a very old (1884) wooden structure, and a crowded newer (1936) one to a sparkling new campus with six buildings connected by open-air. walkways (and Staples’ first-ever auditorium). It also marked the clear beginning … Read more

Hurricane Ian response The Humane Society of the United States

[ad_1] If you’ve been impacted by Hurricane Ian, please follow your city or state guidelines to remain safe. If you are in immediate danger, call 911. How to Find a Lost Cat How to Find a Lost Dog After the emergency Your home may be a very different place after the emergency is over, and … Read more

Hundreds of sea lions sickened along Calif. coastline

[ad_1] The signs were unmistakable as sick sea lions turned up one by one on the California coastline. Some appeared to be unusually sluggish, weak and disoriented. Others displayed what is known as head-weaving behavior, with their snouts upturned as their necks tilted precariously to one side in a seemingly drunken sway. Many of the … Read more

Bradenton Beach FL wildlife shelter saves animals after storm

[ad_1] A baby skunk was brought to Wildlife Inc after Hurricane Ian. Wildlife Inc. provided Bradenton Beach More than 150 animals affected by Hurricane Ian made their way to Wildlife Inc., an animal rescue organization on Anna Maria Island. Unfortunately, some of them didn’t make it. The group is tucked into a Bradenton Beach side … Read more

Unique Remains of What Could Be The World’s Largest Bird Found in Australia : ScienceAlert

[ad_1] A pair of legs belonging to what could be the largest bird species that ever stalked our planet have been unearthed from an outback fossil site in central Australia. Excitingly, more remains could still be laying nearby, waiting to be dug free. Described by one paleontologist as an “extreme evolutionary experiment”, Stirton’s thunderbird (Dromornis … Read more

PETA Science Group Celebrates Its 10-Year Anniversary

[ad_1] Regulatory agencies, such as the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and similar agencies around the world, require tests to assess the toxicity of products such as pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, industrial chemicals, and medical devices before they’re put on the market. While toxicity testing has historically been conducted … Read more

Moose, one other animal, killed in highway crashes, Mass. State Police said

[ad_1] Local On Tuesday morning, troopers responded to reports that a moose was struck by a tractor trailer on the Massachusetts Turnpike eastbound in Westfield. By Matt Yan, The Boston Globe October 5, 2022 | 9:39 AM A moose and an unidentified animal were killed in separate crashes highways in Westfield and Leominster Tuesday morning, … Read more