With Sens McConnell and Paul, Kentucky can lead on animal issues again


Let’s face it: Not many people look at the two senators from Kentucky and see a couple of warm and fuzzy guys.

Sen. Mitch McConnell, is widely recognized as a master legislator but also a bare-knuckle tactician in the art and exercise of power. Sen. Rand Paul, has laser-focused fidelity to libertarian ideals, and his ability to withstand pressure when he is a crowd of one says more than a little something about his resolve. No matter if you love or loathe them, they are two very different brands but each smart and tough, with a record of winning majority votes in our state.

All that is why it is so heartening for those of us who work on behalf of animals to see them supporting some of our causes. We have seen it in the very recent past with Sen. McConnell shepherding to passage in December 2020 legislation to end race-day doping of thoroughbreds streaking around track ovals. Perhaps even more surprising to some, is we’ve now joined with Sen. Paul now in formulating a bill with the potential to spare tens of thousands of beagles and primates and millions of other animals subjected to suffering and death in unnecessary and ineffective animal tests in laboratories.


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