Two rescued mountain lions, Rose and Sage, coming to The Living Desert


A pair of young mountain lions are joining the squad at The Living Desert — including one who made headlines when he entered a school in Northern California earlier this summer.

The two mountain lions — Rose and Sage — are coming from the Oakland Zoo, and will arrive in Palm Desert later this week, according to a social media post from The Living Desert on Tuesday.

“Rescued separately as unrelated, orphaned cubs, Rose and Sage have earned a place in the hearts of many as the animal care and veterinary team at the Oakland Zoo have heroically cared for these mountain lions over the last five months,” the post states.

Sage already had at least 15 minutes of fame. In June, a custodian at Pescadero High School in Northern California found and confined the mountain lion in an empty classroom.

A San Mateo County sheriff’s detective said at the time that Sage, estimated to be about 40 pounds, appeared “lost and scared.”

Sage was taken from there to the Oakland Zoo, where he was rehabilitated. The mountain lion is now healthy, with an estimated age of 9 to 11 months.


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