Rescue organization begs parents not to use animals in gender reveals


Parents-to-be dyed pigeons pink for the sake of their baby’s gender reveal, and animal rescuers are using the shocking photos to send an important message to families everywhere: Animals are not props.

Rescue organization Freedom Farm Animal Rescue recently went viral when the group posted the images to its Instagram page — and now animal lovers are incensed.

Considering the damage gender reveal parties have been known to cause — whether it be wildfires, car explosions or severe emotional trauma — it’s alarming that families are still finding ways to endanger others with their parties.

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In an album posted to Instagram, Freedom Farm Animal Rescue shared the story of its latest rescue: pink-tinted pigeons.

“People actually dyed these pigeons pink and released them for a gender reveal party 🤬 Animals are not props or decorations,” the album’s caption read.

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“These domestic young white pigeons don’t have a clue how to survive out in the wild and would’ve been picked off by predators had they not been saved,” the post continued.

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The caption concluded, “A HUGE Thank you to Atlantic City Humane Law Enforcement Officer Rongione for saving these babies! They are forever safe now and will live in our pigeon aviary with the rest of our non-releasable flock! 🐦”

Viewers were shocked by the images and took to the comment sections to express their outrage.

“Humans are so self serving,” one user wrote.

“What is wrong with people??” another user commented.

“Omg and those people become parents 😟,” one comment read.

“There are kinder ways to reveal a gender, folks. 🙄😤,” another user commented.

“Thank you for saving these beautiful pigeons. So heartbreaking that humans do this to birds and animals,” one user wrote.

For those looking to support the efforts of Freedom Farm Animal Rescue, the group is currently accepting new members via the Patreon platform. “Creating a world where all animals know freedom,” the mission statement reads.

Hopefully, one day wildlife will no longer be the victim of the personal choices of humans — and all animals will know freedom and protection.

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