Perfect Day partners with egg protein startup Onego Bio via nth Bio enterprise biology business


nth Bio – established in Salt Lake City, Utah earlier this year– will offer Onego Biostrain engineering, bioprocess development, regulatory support, and scale up process services as Onego Bio attempts to commercialize animal-free ovalbumin (brand name ‘Bioalbumen’), the most abundant egg white protein, using precision fermentation.

As with Perfect Day’s animal-free whey protein, Onego Bio’s animal-free egg proteins – which are produced by genetically engineered microbes feeding on sugars in a fermentation tank – are designed to offer the nutritional and functional benefits of animal proteins (the proteins are bio -identical to those found in eggs), without the environmental, ethical and safety-related concerns associated with industrialized egg production.

Ovalbumin… the most prevalent protein in egg white

A startup spun out of VTT Technical Research Center of Finland and founded by Maija Itkonen (CEO), Christopher Landowski (CTO) and Jussi Joensuu (COO), Onego Bio is not the first player to get into the animal-free egg protein space, an area pioneered by Bay area startup, The EVERY Co, which uses yeast cells to make a variety of egg proteins.

However, Onego Bio deploys a different micro-organism (a strain of Trichoderma fungi) to make its egg proteins.

Described by Perfect Dayco-founder and CEO Ryan Pandya as “a serious new player in the field,” ​Onego Bio aims to target the US bakery and confectionery market in the first instance, but is also eyeing the protein supplements/fitness market and considering a move into the consumer market with its own branded products for baking and cooking.



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