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Pakistani actor Resham trended online for a recent video which showed her throwing plastic bags into the water in a ‘charity gone wrong’ incident as she was there to feed aquatic animals. After she received huge backlash for polluting the river, she apologized for her actions and also put the blame on Covid-induced brain fog, Pakistani media reported.

Resham uploaded the video on Sunday without realizing that her act of throwing plastic won’t go unnoticed. The actor was at Charsadda where she spent time with the flood victims. On her way back, she stopped by the river and fed the aquatic animals.

In the viral video, the actor first threw meat into the river and then the plastic container too. Then she threw bread and the plastic wrapper as well into the water.

On the controversy that her video triggered, the actor told Geo TV that her act was not intentional and she did not realize that she was polluting the river. She also said she now forgets things after suffering from Covid twice. “I have had Covid twice and its effects are still there. I forget things and don’t remember what I did four hours ago. This is why I did not realize what I was going to do and threw the bags in recklessness,” Geo TV quoted her as saying.

Resham also questioned the criticism and said that there are many other serious issues apart from her throwing some plastics into a river — that need attention. “I admit that I made a mistake when I threw plastic into the flood water, but women are gang raped every day,” she said.

“There is a lot of violence against women, but everyone is blinded by a piece of plastic. They live in a place where only fools can be happy. I was just giving charity (sadaqah),” the actor said.



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