Multnomah County city official says doodoo bags are too high quality to contain animal feces


TROUTDALE Ore. (KPTV) – For almost four years, someone has been dumping human waste along East County roads in Troutdale. Now, Multnomah County is asking the public for help.

Multnomah County says the dumping of human feces has been a regular since 2018 and have been found in four areas. SE Sweetbriar Road, between SE Kerslake and Troutdale roads, SE Kerslake Road, between SE Sweetbriar Road and SE Stark Street, SE 282nd Avenue, between SE Sweetbriar and Strebin roads, and SE Curtis Drive, between the Historic Highway and Smith Road.

Just last week, Dave Thomson of Multnomah County says they found four individual bags on SE Sweetbriar Road.

“The outer bag is usually one of the Walmart plastic sacks, the inner sacks are lighter, like Dollar Tree sacks,” says Thomson.

Thomson says, he knows the signs all too well. He says this happens Sunday or Monday, early in the morning and each bag is mixed with kitty litter.

“There’s toilet paper, napkins used, so it’s unlikely that someone would go to the extent of depositing them along public roads if they were just cat feces or animal feces,” says Thomson.

Some bags have remained intact, but others have been ripped open, becoming a sanitary issue and causing potential harm to the public. Thomson says everything that runs off into the ditch ultimately gets into the watershed like the Sandy River and the Columbia River.

“Our kids play on these roads, we have bicyclists, bicycles on these roads, they’re trapped into personal driveways.”

Multnomah County says they have found close to 550 individual incidents. The fine is almost $1,000 per incident. No one has been caught but Thomson says, they are a few theories.

“It could be somebody that is just mad at the county,” says Thomson. “It could be somebody that is a transient status living in a camper motorhome. Could be somebody that’s on private property that has a failed septic, or it could be simply mental health issues.”

Anyone who spots these bags or any other illegally disposed material in unincorporated Multnomah County, call Environmental Health at 503-988-3464 or email


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