Mountain lion hides behind a bush as a woman runs past it in California. Watch


Wild animals often cross over into human settlements and go undetected until they are caught on CCTV. It is astonishing to observe their behavior as they curiously look at humans while hiding innocently. Something similar was witnessed in a video posted by an Indian Forest Service officer on Twitter.

IFS officer Susanta Nanda posted the clip Thursday with an important message. The video shows a mountain lion hiding behind a bush as a woman is seen running on the nearby road. The mountain lion lays low as the woman runs past it. The video is from California’s Ojai city and it was originally shared by a Twitter page called The Unexplained where it has received more than 3.2 million views.

Nanda shared that wild animals avoid conflict with humans in the majority of situations. “Wild animals will avoid conflict with humans in a majority of situations. They react only when threatened… Interesting video of a mountain lion watching the runner after getting totally camouflaged to avoid conflict. Via the unexplained,” he wrote in the tweet.

Watch the video below:

In a subsequent tweet, Nanda wrote, “It is said that “if you see a mountain lion, it’s because it wanted you to see it”.

“I can’t completely agree with your comment. Yes, most animals try to avoid conflict with us. But, in big cat situations, they will hide, watch & wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce on their prey,” commented a Twitter user. “I’m sorry, that’s just not true here in California mountain lions do in fact prey on humans,” posted another.

“A jogger sometimes triggers a predator/prey response. The mountain lion seems more curious than anything,” another netizen wrote. “I think the runner would have picked up the pace. If they knew what was behind the bush!” another person joked.



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