Mantis Tries To Cheer Up A Dog, Internet Says “Coolest Insect Ever”


Watch: Mantis Tries To Cheer Up A Dog, Internet Says 'Coolest Insect Ever'

Image shows the mantis cheering up a dog.

People appreciate animals because of their charming antics. Like humans, they also express their concerns and care for others in their own unique ways. Humans have friends who can comfort them when they are distressed. Have you ever witnessed an insect making an effort for an animal? If not, you must read this. A video is going viral on the internet showing an insect performing an adorable antic to make an upset fog feel good.

The distressed dog is shown resting on the floor as the video begins while the insect dances in front of it. The insect can be seen trying to cheer up the dog by waving its legs and claws in various directions but the dog is not ready to get up. The insect appears to be a mantis.

The video has been posted by Buitengebiden on Twitter on Saturday. “Dog is not impressed,” reads the caption.

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 3.2 million views and more than 1.1 lakh likes. It has been shared for more than 15,000 times in just one day. The post has also received several humorous comments from Twitter users.

“Me… trying to get the bartender’s attention to place my order,” wrote one user.

Another one commented, “His Grace, the Duke of Mutt is not amused by this jester. If it had been made of sausage meat, the jester would have been a snack.”

A third user simply said, “Coolest insect ever.”

Slow-moving insects known as mantids or mantis are distinguished by their front legs, which have larger femurs (upper portion) with a groove laced with spines into which the tibia (lower portion) presses. Mantids only eat living insects, therefore they use their spined front legs to grab prey in a vise-like grip.

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