EVSC addresses rumors of furries and litter boxes in local schools


EVANSVILLE – The woman at the other end of a leash held by retired teacher Ruth Baize didn’t say much, other than an occasional “meow.”

“This is Theresa, who identifies as ‘Cotton Candy,'” Baize said.

Baize and Theresa Finn addressed the Evansville Vanderburgh School Corp. Board on Monday about social media rumors that the school district is allowing students to dress and behave as animals, even providing litter boxes in bathrooms.

It’s not true, EVSC officials say and they have taken to the school’s social media accounts to say so.

“It’s unfortunate that schools around the nation are needing to waste valuable time to address such ridiculous rumors,” said Jason Woebkenberg, EVSC spokesperson.

Baize unsuccessfully ran for EVSC school board in 2020, when it was reported that she had a history of making inflammatory remarks on social media.

Ruth Baize and Theresa Finn talk to the EVSC school board about "furries," on Monday, Sept.  19, 2022. Baize said schoolchildren are being allowed to dress and behave like animals and disrupt school.  EVSC officials say that is not happening.

Stories about furries in EVSC schools have been spreading on social media sites such as Facebook in recent months, fueled by rumors among concerned parents and conservative activists nationwide that school children self-identifying as animals are disrupting classrooms. At the heart of the rumors is the idea that schools allow children to identify as animals as an extension of not discriminating against students because of their sexuality or gender identity.


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