Challenge Airlines IL wins CEIV Live Animals


Frederic Leger (L), IATA and Hay Sasson (R), Challenge Group. Source: Air Cargo News

Challenge Airlines IL has become the latest company to achieve the IATA CEIV Live Animal certification.

Speaking on the sidelines of the IATA World Cargo Symposium (WCS), Hay Sasson, the chief operating officer of parent company Challenge Group, said that achieving the certificate was part of efforts to focus on special cargo.

“We consider ourselves a premium company and we target special cargo,” he said. “We are less interested in general cargo, we are building ourselves an infrastructure and foundation that allows us to focus on special activities.”

He also pointed out that the company operates the Horse Inn at Liege Airport.

Frederic Leger, IATA senior vice president commercial products and services, added: Challenge was one of the first companies to implement CEIV Pharma and now they are expanding into live animals which is critical for the welfare of animals.

“It is a program that we had in mind for quite some time in IATA and we are glad that some leading companies are implementing it.”

Sasson said that the company is now considering whether to target other IATA CEIV certifications, such as Fresh or Lithium Batteries.

IATA’s CEIV Live Animals Logistics establishes baseline standards to improve the level of competence, infrastructure and quality management in the handling and transportation of live animals throughout the supply chain.


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