Branson Mo., Humane Society staff rescue pack of abandoned chihuahuas near Cape Fair, Mo.


BRANSON, Mo. (KY3) – Staff at the Branson Humane Society recently rescued a pack of chihuahuas dumped near Cape Fair.

A total of 17 chihuahuas were rescued and returned to the humane society. Unfortunately, staff says one dog tested positive for parvo.

“We’re going to isolate those animals and treat them for those symptoms and hope everything goes okay,” said Branson Humane Society director Jayme Tabuchi.

The Branson Humane Society will be closed for a 10-day quarantine period while staff bleach everything and follows standard protocols for a parvo outbreak. Director Jayme Tabuchi says it can be costly to get rescued animals vetted. With a parvo positive, there are additional medical expenses involved as well.

“It costs approximately between $100-$180 per dog to get those animals fully vetted to where they’re able to get out to be adopted,” said Tabuchi. “There’s going to be medication and fluids, and it depends on how many will break with that.”

The staff doesn’t think this recent dog abandonment relates to the chihuahuas that were dumped last summer. Tabuchi says she understands the challenges that can come with raising animals but encourages community members to reach out and ask for help.

“We would rather have that happen than a situation like this, where somebody feels like they were backed into a corner and didn’t have any other solution than just to let these animals go and fend for themselves.”

The rescued animals will not be available for adoption until they are vetted. You can still submit an adoption application during that time.

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