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We can imagine that growing up in a zoo means that Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s daughter Grace Warrior has a new favorite animal every week, especially considering they go on walks around the zoo they live in every day! We’ve seen their adorable, going baby fawn over sea turtles and chickens, but now she’s adoring one animal we can all agree may be one of the cutest in the wild: a red panda!

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On Sept 17, Irwin uploaded a super-sweet video of Grace Warrior excitedly pointing and trying to say the words “red panda” while watching the red panda in its habitat at the Australia Zoo. Irwin uploaded the reel with the caption, “Wishing you the happiest #InternationalRedPandaDay from our #AustraliaZoo family to yours!” ❤️ Grace absolutely adores the ‘baby red pandas’. We are so proud of our breeding program, protecting this critically endangered species.”

In the video, we see Grace Warrior pointing and saying “baby,” and she looks like she wants to jump in and grab him! Irwin replies, “Yes, that’s a baby!” She then pans over to the unbelievably adorable red panda looking at them and scooting on away. Irwin asks a giggling Grace Warrior, “Yeah, do you love the red panda?” And all Grace Warrior does is clap and giggle to her heart’s content at the sight of her furry friend!

Don’t worry; we’ve been freaking out over the cuteness overload in this video too! This isn’t the first time Grace Warrior has been entered by red pandas, and we know it won’t be the last!

Irwin and Powell welcomed Grace Warrior, 1, on March 25, 2021, exactly one year after their wedding at the Australia Zoo. Since then, she’s truly been becoming a wildlife warrior in every way, wanting to help out and learn more wherever she can!

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