How will technology evolve, according to Randy Zuckerberg

The role of influencers in the present and the future

“The role of influencers is more important than ever. There is a lot of information needed for content curators, and among them there are many interested in niche topics”reassured Randy within the agenda of business networking meetings organized by the MediaHub Group.

With regard to creating a loyal community, the founder of HUG Incubator admitted that, “Faced with so much content creation, no one knows who to trust and need.”. “Success takes years and trust is built with content that delivers value”Mark Zuckerberg’s sister, the creator of the social network Facebook, advised.

Metaverse or Web3

“Web 1 was about communicating information, people connected to Web 2, and Web 3 was Economics of ownership. What happens when you own what you do online? The metaverse is about the digital representation of the self, which will interact with what is happening in the real world and also open up many economic opportunities.The founder of Facebook Live confirmed.

The Metaverse – confirmed -“It is not an alternative world, but it allows us to escape from reality.” As he mentioned what happens with major cities and this fictional universe: “The Metaverse will have an extension Build better in boring places Because in cities where everything is great, like New York or Buenos Aires, there will be competition between them. But, What happens to a girl who lives in Pakistan and can’t go to school?“.

“People think about the metaverse and associate it with games and entertainment, which is very important. But There is a lot of education and health to invest in on the web 3. For example, you can perform very complex surgeries online or go to the doctor.”

In turn, a major collector of the women-led NFT (The Non-Fungible Code, in Spanish) projects revealed that 95% of those who invest in technology are men. Why encourage that group to understand that world and learn from it “which opens up a new e-commerce industry that did not exist before”.

What will happen in the next five years at the technological level

“There will be turmoil in economic, and companies will be questioned: “What happens when a wallet becomes an online credit card, instead of logging in with a username and password?” It will be important what happens in Supply Chain and E-CommerceZuckerberg predicted.

Along the same lines, he pointed out education And a new disruption, like a pandemic: “At that point, the burden falls on mothers leaving the labor market. So, We have to change the education paradigm. We cannot achieve gender equality without solving this issue“.

“Everything we think is excellent in this generation, in the next generation they will laugh at us”He confessed.

“As human beings we want to feel comfortable with the capabilities we have, but To be an entrepreneur and innovator, you must feel uncomfortable, think about new things and accept that it is okay to be a beginner.. No matter where you are in life, feel free to keep learning, so you can be on the cutting edge of change.‘, advised.

“At the end of the day, all we have is Integrity of values ​​as a person. Everything we do should be a reflection of what we stand for and believe in. We must be excited. Randy concluded that my passion is that more women are involved in more business.

As part of the interview, Randy received the signal “Guest of Honor of the City of Buenos Aires”in the hands of the Head of Government of Buenos Aires, Horacio Rodriguez Laretta; Minister of Innovation and Digital Transformation of Buenos Aires, Diego Fernandez; and the legislator Dario’s grandson.

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