Frida’s Bar Owner Denies Animal Cruelty, Activists Prepare Lawsuit

A possible case of animal abuse has alerted animal groups in the area to the condition of a dog and her young, who were found by neighbors on a plot of land in the Pinuelas Strip.

Complaints refer to the owner of Frida’s Bar, Gerald Troncoso, who, according to activists, will be “abandoned” by the animals, a position he flatly rejects and the same local came out to refute it on their official social networks.

It should be noted that after learning the truth, the local suffered the loss of humorist Juan Pablo Lopez, who assured El Día that he canceled his presentation at that place after learning of the complaint.

This fact spread after neighbors noticed the puppies’ crying and reported the Carabineros. It was pointed out in the “Fona” that the dog gave birth to her cubs outdoors on land belonging to the Society of Northern Agriculture (SAN) in Coquimbo, a fact that, according to activists, lacks the provisions of the Responsible Pet Ownership Act.

From “Perros de la Cuarta” they confirmed that they are working on a lawsuit with animal activist and La Serena Council member, Daniela Molina.

“Your dogs are not part of your house, and this is already deserted. The dogs were not in good condition and the dog was forced to give birth and took refuge in one of the San Towers,” said Omar Aguirre of the mentioned group.

For his part, Molina noted that “the case of abuse is clearly seen, either by deed or omission, as these pups and this mother who gave birth in a place where the conditions were not.”

According to activists, the legal action seeks to promote an investigation that will clarify what happened, along with other situations that make them vigil. That is, in relation to the alleged past history of abuse and the possibility that he might benefit from the offspring.

We want penalties for these people, because this situation has become a little normal and they say: I took them, they have them in my little house and I sheltered them, but this is not enough. “He has to provide a decent living space for these animals, and this has not been achieved and it is clear,” Molina said.

In a phone conversation with El Día, Gerald Troncoso condemned the funas and stated that it was “a video clip taken out of context”.
The local businessman comments that he was renting that land for a year, which was confirmed by SAN (see box).

Likewise, he asserts that he took the dogs to that place “so that they could run freely and be quiet,” responsible for their caretaker.

The animals live in a shelter on the same land and comment on that on that day, the dog resorted to the point the records show to give birth in peace.

“Our vet explained to us that Gemma had looked for this place alone at dawn to calm down and give birth to the puppies (…) We could not go in and take Gemma out to take her home, we had to leave her alone, because she was still giving birth.”

In the same way, he regretted the involvement of the union, which “has nothing to do with it.”

“Outside the parking lot there are four abandoned dogs, and the bar serves them food, and nobody says anything about those dogs,” the tenant wondered.

Regarding the condition of his animals, Troncoso notes, “It’s somewhere else, where I make them quiet and undisturbed. La Gema was out of control, because people came in to record it.”

Attorney Lilian Jiménez, who is preparing the complaint with animal experts, delved into current regulations, which obligate the dog’s “owner” to keep it in the home.

“When an animal is found on property that does not belong to the owner, it is considered abandoned, because the animal must be on the land where the owner lives, or in the absence of it, with a muzzle and leash if it is somewhere other than its home. This is what the Responsible Property Act says .

Another situation that needs to be clarified is why the dog should not be sterilized, the attorney explains. “Being a breed, breeders have to hand the dog sterilized,” he says.

The teams are working on the complaint and within the next week they can bring it to the Coquimbo Guarantee Court.

Jimenez points out that this case illustrates the continuing complications regarding a lack of knowledge of the law for responsible pets.

“When the law was published, the people responsible for enforcing it were going to hold a series of workshops and raise awareness in the community, which was not done (…) After a lot of time passed, there were some animal rights organizations and municipalities that took on this job. with their own hands, but there is still a lot to do,” he points out.

For this reason, it is critical for a lawyer to be able to bring these cases to justice, with a view to complying with the spirit of the law that currently governs: “We stop seeing animals as furniture and begin to see them as beings with dignity.”

This legal action aims to clarify what happened, given the various accounts surrounding the case. For this, Truncuso said he was available and had a background to offer to prove his copy.

After being consulted by El Día, of the Northern Agricultural Society (SAN), they ruled out any connection with dog abandonment and explained that said tower is located at the pedestrian entrance on Avenida Peñuelas Norte.

“We explain that the place the dog has arrived is administered by Frida’s Pub and adjacent to the arrival land of Pueblito Peñuelas, which has its own administration. They assured that, as an agricultural federation, we will always condemn any kind of animal abuse, and in light of this fact, the Pueblito administration has taken Peñuelas appropriate precautions.”

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