Alba Sanchez Vicario, from epic tennis player to pizza maker

23 years old Alba Sanchez Ficarro She debuted in the food world with the launch of her first healthy pizza line, a product made with cauliflower. Coliflon He arrived in Catalan supermarkets just two weeks ago with four products offered, although he admitted it direct facts Who hopes to be able to announce soon the business expansion nationwide.

The daughter of Javier Sanchez Vicario and Isabel Ruiz, this young entrepreneur is part of third generation One of the most famous tennis families in the country. However, she admits that the thing she had was not giving racket. He admits that he left professional sports at the age of 18, and that doesn’t mean giving up on the healthy lifestyle that this level of competition demands. In fact, the motive behind the business adventure was to indulge in it.

Question: How was the idea for The Colifown born?

Answer: I have always lived a very healthy life. My family plays a lot of sports and they have instilled them in me. Refrigerated pizza was not part of my diet because of the calories it carries and also because of the fat. In fact, when I took them, they made me feel so sick that the next day it was hard for me to exercise. In the last year of my degree, I went to Los Angeles (USA) to study, cauliflower pizza was very popular there. I gave it a try, it was very easy to set up and it worked great for me. When I came back to Barcelona because of the pandemic, I realized it There was a gap in the market for these products. In Spain and Europe the show was very rare and I thought I would do it myself. I’ve been selling for two weeks in service Connecting To see if there was a request, I saw that there was. We sold over 400 pizzas on the weekends and I decided to make one Coliflon.

Q: How long did the project take to be realized?

A: We have been working for more than two years. At first by myself, then with R&D department. Our goal was to bring a good tasting product to the market as a nutritional alternative to traditional pizza.

Where is the pizza made?

– In a workshop in Malgrat de Mar (Barcelona). They are baked in a stone oven and we use slow fermentation dough with more than 24 hours of fermentation, which facilitates digestion. To make an analogy, it’s like the traditional way of making bread.

– Where can we find them?

– From today they can be purchased in the refrigerator section of Ametller Origen stores in Catalonia. We are preparing the national launch with another company, which is not yet one hundred percent closed.

Are you thinking of expanding your brand to other products? Is there an international projection?

–yes. Right now, we’re out on the market with four references: vegetables, ham, ham and cheese, and four types of cheese. We sell the base alone in packs of two. We want to expand the range of tastes, cauliflower is very versatile and will allow us to expand on other products that I cannot reveal at the moment. We plan to expand at the European level as well, but we are focusing first on Catalonia, then on Spain and finally the European market.

– How many employees does The Coliflown currently have?

We have partnered with Chef Sam to have the strength and business structure that has allowed us to launch the brand.

How is the production process?

We use the equivalent of 120 grams of fresh cauliflower in each base. First, the base is made, mixing it with slow-brewing flour, buckwheat flour and extra virgin olive oil. Then we add water, mix everything and add class. All food is of high quality and we try to make it all almost zero kilometer. Cheese does not contain whey, tomatoes have no added sugar …

– Has an agreement been reached with producers in the region in favor of using local products?

– Our workshop is the one that has all the agreements with the suppliers of raw materials and yes, in the selection of this workshop this aspect has been given priority. We try as much as possible to make all ingredients locally sourced.

Do you use sustainable packaging?

–Yes and no. for us Deal It contains plastic because we have to pack our refrigerated pizza almost empty, but the box is made of recycled cardboard.

How many grams does each unit weigh?

– About 400 grams. The one with vegetables weighing a little more, 450 grams and the other with four cheeses weighing 380 grams. Each base is 200 grams.

– What is the unit cost?

– Pizza comes out at 3.99 euros and then there is a package of two blocks at 2.99 euros.

Did you expect the success?

– No, not much, really, but let’s hope he goes further. We’ve only been in the market for two weeks. I have seen that there is demand and that there should be healthy pizza in the market because everyone loves it.

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