The United States and South Korea express their readiness to expand military exercises

North Korea is looking closely at Ukraine. this is the reason 2:38 Seoul (CNN) – President Joe Biden and his South Korean counterpart agreed in talks on Saturday to begin discussions on resuming and possibly expanding joint military exercises that were halted under Biden’s predecessor, a move likely to anger North Korea as it escalates … Read more

The key is in the active observance of animal protection › Cuba › Granma

Although the adoption of Decree-Law No. 31 on Animal Welfare 13 months ago responded to the improvement of the animal health system in the country, as well as a popular demand, the reality underscores the need for more active monitoring of legal entities. To somehow protect animals, and of course society in general. Within this … Read more

How do you protect children when they meet people online?

Most social media platforms and online games allow anyone to access somewhat anonymously the large online communities that attract stalkers, trolls, and sexual harassment. In this sense, to advise and protect minors, one must first recognize the risks and learn more about these groups, their motives and their methods. ESET from the Digipadres initiative, which … Read more

Divorced people reveal what the fight that ruined their relationship was

No couple walking down the aisle or making a long-term commitment does that. He thinks he will break up. However, the circumstances of life – more than any other circumstances fightIt often leads them down this hard road. Although every couple represents a world, there are many factors that lead to two beings who have … Read more

Elder Jonathan S. Schmidt and his wife described themselves as “normal” and “available.”

Listen to Elder Jonathan S. Schmidt and his wife, Sister Alexis Schmidt, describe themselves as many “ordinary,” “ordinary,” and “available” for the beginning of their service as the Seventy General Body of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As long as running marathons, half marathons, and hiking the Grand Canyon from one end … Read more

La Jornada – Controversy in Tepic over new animal welfare regulations

Tebeck, nope. Controversy, annoyance and contention, as it would harm the economic interests of corporations such as palenques, charrería, jaripeos and bullfights, has led to the publication of this capital’s new animal welfare regulation in the Official Gazette of the current Tepic City Hall, which is headed by Morenista Maria Geraldine Ponce Mendes. The regulations, … Read more

Tlaxcala: Nido del Zopilot, adrenaline at an altitude of 3300 meters

In Huamantla, in the state of Tlaxcala, there is an incomparable magical place that is connected with nature and makes you forget every day; About eagle’s nestwhich is a giant stone from which you can see the eastern region of the Matlalcueye crater, known as MalinchIt is also an ideal area for extreme rappelling. This … Read more

The House of Representatives has made progress in encouraging tenant protection and access to decent housing

Given that “regulations regulating the contractual ties necessary to fulfill the basic right to adequate housing, introduce gray areas that allow the abuse of landlords and those providing commercial mediation services in carrying out lease contracts at the expense of the weak part of this relationship that is the tenant”, this House of Representatives (Photo … Read more