Ascanio Cavallo Column: Genetic Fusion

What is the distinguishing feature of the Borek government? not yet known. She is in the process of transitioning from modeling to individuality. That is, for those who assume that there is such a thing as a discipline called “design of government,” where planning and modeling tools prevail rather than political mobs condoning campaign orders. … Read more

The financial system catches up with technology

In recent years, there has been significant technological progress that has transformed the financial sector. Exclusive digital Neobanks and tech-focused players in the ecosystem, such as Apple, Google or Amazon, have shown an interest in banking. According to Asobancaria, digital channels have become closely related to banking, and today in Colombia they account for more … Read more

Meta to launch Metaverse hardware store, Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44 billion, ApeCoin hits new heights: Hodler’s Digest, April 24-30 Cryptocurrency News

Coming every Saturday Hodler Compendium It will help you keep track of all the important news that happened this week. Best (and worst) quotes, top adoption and regulation, leading currencies, forecasts and much more – a week on Cointelegraph in one link. This week’s top news Elon Musk buys Twitter for $44,000 million: Crypto industry … Read more

Elisa Carrillo: “As a wife who founded Together for Change, I will not allow political husbands to sleep with anyone”

Elisa Carrillo gave a candid message to the trainee at Together for Change: “I won’t let them sleep with anyone.” Leader of the Civil Coalition, Elisa CarioToday, he delivered a strong speech addressed to the Interior of Together for Change at a party congress in Mar del Plata, after this week his position and that … Read more

The difference between squid and squid

The marine world is full of very diverse and different animals, but many others are just like our eyes. For example, squid and squid can look very similar. They both have eight arms, tentacles, suckers, and marine mollusks without an external skeleton. However, there are differences between both types of animals. We will explain in … Read more

They make a jacket that makes the Metaverse look more “real”

The fitted jacket features straps that stick to the skin, with sensors that sync with a mobile app. Photo: Patrick T. Fallon One of the innovations that gave the metaverse a more realistic edge in the game was the vest, which is equipped with sensors that allow wearers to feel hugs or even bumps in … Read more